Are you ready for the long weekend?
well at least i am.
plus tomorrow is my girl Celine‘s big day! can’t wait for that!!
I can already imagine how much fun we will have tmrw for celebrating our dear friends’ wedding.
This year is a big and important year for me and a few close pals in NY; 
5 couples get married this year (omg what a number!)

Hope I can collect all blessings (and love) in the air and save for my single ladies…

On our way to the new fried chicken store – Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, passing by this cute (kinda a secret) graffiti spot. (the graffiti changes from time to time.)
Man Repeller took a few shots here. While we were there a guy was also taking videos/pics so why not?

I was so happy finally getting my very first pair of tight ripped jeans from Joe’s jeans. (and what makes it even better is it’s on sale now!)
Before that I went to several stores and couldn’t find the ideal pair. Either not ripped enough or not tight/short enough to fit my body.
Since I have a really pear shape body, it’s always hard for me to find fitted pants. Until so far I like Current/Elliott and Joe’s jeans. They fit me well without tailoring.

Also, I still practice wearing high heels. Trying to wear them as much as possible.
It’s unbelievable to see some women wear sky high heels and walk around in this city… but in order to add some heights to myself, sometimes forcing is a MUST.

Been talking way too much today and dont really know why i have to type all this in English lol!
if you finish reading i give you applause for your patience haha~

Here are some pics from Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken.
If you like fried chicken you could give it a try. many kinds of sauce and a nice space for dining.
just the fried chicken is not the best in the city. i would recommend the Dutch if you wanna eat some more juicy ones.

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