i’m still taking pictures, but what happened to this blog?

i found out Instagram is really such a nice app and i use it far more often than my blog!
i wish there’s somebody can tell me if any efficient ways to edit/upload beautiful pictures to blog. 
(In any industry i guess “Efficient" is the key.)
Doing all these procedures takes time and efforts (of course), and that’s why it’s hard to be a qualified blogger. 

anyway, every week i’m telling myself to write more often and more diligently,
which is also one of my new year solutions.
hope i can post more fun/cool & unique stuff from my life in New York, and of course, post more often! 
here are some pics i took when it wasn’t that cold like lately. 

and below two were taken by the end of last year when it was a little freezing.
you can see i wear Uniqlo heattech underneath… 😛
yeah you probably would say i wore too much black but that’s my current fav color and it’s easy to match.
let me find my new black soon! xx




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