Aziatix! what i wore to a concert on a working day

Told you two shots everyday,
and here’s the style for Monday. (has been bz the whole wk, didnt get a chance to write)

Leopard stockings and all black: black coat black top black shorts black belt and black wedges.
went to see Aziatix concert so try to make myself tall (so i can see my Eddie!) and comfy and hot! ha!

coat: CDG x H&M
top: Uniqlo
belt: the only one “Lucchese"
faux leather shorts: lucca couture (got from Urban Outfitters)
tights: Express
wedges: needless to say, you know which brand it is. 

很想分享演唱會影片 可是上傳好慢
李玖哲表現非常穩健 儼然老大哥模樣 在團體裡人氣旺得很
一人饒舌(Jay Flowsik) 兩人唱(Eddie Shin and 台灣歌王李玖哲)的流行R&B組合很討喜
既然無法分享當晚影片 就來一下他們的MV吧
(背景竟然有"甜不辣", 有些片段是台灣拍的吧)



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