Theory wasn’t the only store I went on Fashion Night Out last Thu.
This is the third year of the shopping promotion event and i was from excited/enjoying in the first year to the lukewarm/overwhelmed 2011 FNO.
First year I went to Soho, last year was Barney’s fifth ave and ACE hotel, and then this time I was in Macy’s and headed to Meat Packing District afterwards.
I’m glad I chose different places to go every year so I can realize myself more a downtown girl… 🙂

OK that night at the Theory store, besides the FNO t-shirts you can buy everywhere, Theory has another three special editions T-shirts you can still buy them online now! 🙂  
am a t-shirt person and i like designer Olivier Theyskens very much so i got the portrait one for myself.
i have to tell you this is the most soft and comfortable t-shirt i’ve ever tried, 50% cotton, 50% modal,
so i can’t help to wear it to the NY fashion week on the following casual Sat.

hat/pants: ZARA
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
same postures! how did i make it??! lame!

here are some photos from FNO @Theory:
great band, full-glass drinks and randomly showed models…

photo credits: W.S. and wei wei



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